DIY - Cooperative Care Station

This do it yourself guide will help you create a station to facilitate training and low-stress application of medical exams, husbandry (nail trims, placing harness etc.) and medication administration.
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Course Highlights:

  • Detailed video tutorial guiding you through the construction process.
  • Selecting the right PVC materials and tools.
  • Measuring and cutting PVC pipes accurately.
  • Assembling and customizing the station to suit your parrot's needs.
Meet the instructor

Rebecca Melanson

  • Registered Veterinary Technician
  • Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner
  • Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professional
  • Licensed Family Paws Educator
  • Living and Learning with Animals Graduate

Over 10 years experience working in veterinary medicine and 14 years experience working with birds. Currently Rebecca runs her own training service called Around the Flock and is working alongside DACVB resident Dr. Meghan Connolly to provide the best chance of success when treating behaviour disorders.
Rebecca's flock consists of two African Greys. Hodari and Mikey.

Patrick Jones - Course author
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